About the parts:

The catalog holds only genuine parts. That means that there are no parts with stickers and no ‘Complete Assemblies’. The parts are stripped to the smallest original part possible. That means that this database should hold parts in the purest form. For all parts details should be available from first produced¬† to the sets they’re available in and the colour they come in.

Why a new database if there are already several out on the web? It’s because of the images and the parts in the database. A lot of the parts are combined already so the separate parts are missing. Then there are a lot of pictures of parts with stickers and I don’t think these should belong in a ‘genuine’ parts database. I understand that it’s convenient to have them for sales purposes but you won’t see them in this database (maybe at first but they’ll be filtered out in time).

Then the type of pictures shown in the several repositories on the web are all different. Some are drawn, some are rendered, some are photo’s and if they are, they all have different backgrounds and you can’t view them properly. That’s why this database shows a 3D version which you can view from every angle and all on the same background. Select a scolored square next to the desired part to see the model in that specific color. Use your left mouse button and drag to rotate the model. While dragging hold the shift button to zoom in or out.

About the colors:

The colors used are not accurate. They are RGB estimates and your monitor’s brightness and contrast settings will change the way you see them anyway.

About the process:

I start with the LDraw parts database. Then I convert them with TB-Software‘s 3Dto3D to Lightwave’s .obj files.

I don’t know whether it’s the conversion or the the original objects that mess things up but some parts need quite a bit of work because they won’t show correct in the object viewer. I assume it’s the conversion because LDView shows a normal view of the model.

I import these into Blender to flip normals, recreate edges and faces and recolor objects. Then I export them back to .obj files. These are the files you can see on the website with Humu’s JSC3D.

You can download the parts in LDraw‘s .dat format, in Lightwave’s .obj and .mtl format and in the future I’ll add other formats (let me know what you’d like).

Suggestions and comments can be emailed to leon@bricks2spare.com